I am teaching a one week class at the Penland School of Crafts called "Beginning Toolmaking." The class starts on November 3rd, and there are a few spaces left, so if you or anyone you know would like to make some beautiful tools, jump on it! 

The plan is for each student to make a small riveting hammer and some hand tools (center punch, chasing tools, engraving chisels, etc.). Through this I plan on covering basic forging, heat treating, file decoration, and how to handle a hammer. Whether you are a jeweler who is interesting in learning to make your own tools, or you just love well-made tools, you should deinfitely check the class out! Read about the class on the Penland site here: Beginning Toolmaking .
Also, a little bonus is that my good friend Cat Bates will be my assistant for the class. You can see some of his awesome work here: Barbarian Enterprises .