Tom Shields' bench, Ian Henderson's fermentation crock, Eleanor Annand's print 

As I was sitting in my kitchen last night I looked around and noticed what awesome things inhabit the space. During the two years I lived at Penland I managed to acquire some wonderful pieces of work. I had the chance to meet so many amazing people, and whether I was with them two weeks or two years, I feel very luck to have made a connection with them. It was an added bonus to get walk away with something they made.

So here is a kitchen sampling of what I have the pleasure of surrounding myself with every time I cook. There is too much to write about every piece, but below is list of links, and you should definitely take the time to see what else they have done. 


Molly Kite Spadone's bowl that I eat breakfast out of everyday.


Thanks to all of my kitchen contributors: 

Tom Shields  - tomshieldsart.com

Eleanor Annand  -  eleanorannand.com

Ian Henderson - ian-henderson.com

Molly Kite Spadone - mollykitespadone.com

Julian Maturino

Leah Lynn - leahalanelynn.tumblr.com

Mike Krupiarz

Rachel Garceau - rachelkgarceau.com

Bob Biddlestone 

David Eichelberger - eichelbergerclay.com


Glasses: Mike Krupiarz, Julian Maturino, Julian Maturino/Leah Lynn  

Mugs: Rachel Garceau, Bob Biddlestone, David Eichelberger, Molly Kite Spadone, Ian Henderson