I had the opportunity to work with New Hampshire blacksmith David Court when he came to Penland to teach a forged hardware class. Working with David was a pleasure to say the least. He is an intelligent craftsman with a heavy dose of New England humor and wit. David's class was the first time I made any sort of hardware, and it opened me up to understanding much more complex forgings and moving parts. With more stories than I could begin to remember, he had a captive audience in our class, and we loved every minute of it.

I asked David to send some pictures of his work, and he regrettably told me of how he had lost many of his pictures over the years. Of the pictures he still has you can see the caliber of work he creates. He also sent along some shots of his beautiful home and studio.

David asked me to make a set of 12" dividers for everyday use in his shop. He left the design up to me, so I chose something that I had been wanting to try out for some time. He also requested that they be engraved: "Made for David Court by Seth Gould 2013." It makes me very happy to imagine David using these to create his wonderful work. I would like to think that many years from now, after they have built a beautiful patina with use and age, someone will recognize this exchange from one craftsman to another.

Thanks for the opportunity David!