Some people get This Old House to come and remodel, but I have my very own This Old Studio to call on, also known as Mom and Dad. This past weekend my parents came out for the first time since they helped me do the initial building in the shop. This time we tackled constructing a temporary wall to divide the space in my shop and make it easier to heat in the cold Cleveland winters. I will be able to take down the framed plastic wall in the spring to enjoy the open bay door, but for the coming months it should help keep the shop a bit warmer.

After they left I was thinking about how my shop has developed and changed in just the past year and a half. I am more observant than ever when I visit work shops or studios. I am more aware of what kind of light, space, storage, and all around layout they have and how they operate. I find that it makes all the difference in world to have a space you are comfortable working in versus one that just doesn't flow.

I went back and looked at some of the initial pictures we took while building out the space, and I thought it would be fun to retake the photos today. So here are a few shots of before and  after...


Also, here is a shot from my bench today of an engraved folding brass ruler I am working on. I made one similar to this a few years ago, and when a client approached me about making one for them I was excited to revisit the object with new skills and a fresh perspective.