It is that lovely time of year when I have two fires to start each morning, one in the wood stove and one in the forge. I chip through the ice on the slack tub and run my tools through the fire to take the chill off before I start the day's work. It would be nice to stand in front of the forge all day, but there is still cold work to be done as well. 

Here are some process and finished shots of a folding brass and steel ruler that I was commissioned to make. The delineation on the front measure 10 inches, and on the back, 4 cm. The rosette and markings are carved and engraved with hammer and chisel. I made one of these a few years ago, and I think it may have even been the first thing I ever engraved. It was very enjoyable to revisit this format with new skills and a different eye for the design. Luckily I got this done before the real cold hit, and now it's back to the forge to keep warm.