Happy New Year to all! Looking forward into 2017, I wanted to share some information about what I will be up to this year. This includes updates about my residency, some workshops and events, and some changes I have made to my online store and ordering.

STORE - I now have my online store divided into two categories - Standard and Unique. Please click over to the STORE for information about the new format and ordering process. Thanks!

RESIDENCY - This has been an incredibly full year as a resident artist at the Penland School of Crafts. After cutting out commission work and just focusing on making production tools, I successfully freed up more to time to make some work that I am really committed and invested in. This has mostly taken the form of locks, including a mokume gané padlock and a puzzle lock, but the real star of the show is a ten-bolt chest lock. I began constructing this in March of 2016, and as of January 1, 2017 I have officially made all the parts of the lock and now need to begin the chest which it will secure. This has been an extremely demanding and rewarding process, and I am so grateful for this time during my residency to indulge in making such an object. Here is an in-process image of the lock as of yesterday. There is still plenty of finishing to do, but it is fully constructed and awaiting the construction of its chest. I have been using Instagram to show some of the process in making this so far, so if you are interested you can see more by following me @sethgould.

WORKSHOPS - This year I will be teaching two workshops. The first one is at the Center for Metal Arts. I have taught at CMA before and I am really looking forward to returning. It is a great teaching facility run by a fun and passionate group of individuals.  I will also be headed up to the New England School of Metalwork where I am excited to be teaching for the first time. Please follow the links below for more information. 

Center for Metal Arts - April 7-9 - The Hacksaw 

New England School of Metalwork - June 26-30 - Fine Forged Bench Tools

EVENTS - You will also see me around at a couple of events this year. First, I will be doing a short demonstration at the Fire on the Mountain blacksmithing festival right here in Spruce Pine, NC on April 29th. It is a great little festival and I hope to see you there! Next I will be making the trek out to Amana, IA for the Handworks 2017 event this year. The event is on May 19-20 and I will be bringing tools for sale with me and potentially doing some demonstration. I have heard nothing but good things about this gathering and I am really excited to be included this year. 

TRAVEL - I also have a research and education trip in the works to return to Japan the end of this year and study with several metalsmiths over the course of six weeks. More information to come!